"I'm just a guy who rolls up his sleeves and goes to work."

- Don Shula

The Graham Angus Farm

We own and breed registered Angus cattle.
in Albany, GA, William A. "Bill" Graham and David Younts assisted with setting the foundation for Shula's Steak Houses.  The Graham Angus Farm is recognized as one of the top Angus farms in the country. Angus cattle produce the best beef in the world. Angus beef tastes better and is the most tender of all cattle breeds. Our expertise led us to exclusively use the Premium Black Angus Beef® brand.

Anatomy of The SHULA CUT®
Premium Black Angus Beef Loin
Tenderloin Cut
Unacceptable Cut The SHULA CUT® Unacceptable Cut
Unacceptable Cut - Tenderloin Head Unacceptable Cut - Tenderloin Head Unacceptable Cut - Tenderloin Head
The SHULA CUT® sits on top of the beef quality pyramid; taking only the most desired Custom Center Cuts of the Premium Black Angus Beef® brand making The SHULA CUT® the best beef money can buy. 
The SHULA CUT® is more discriminating and selective than USDA prime or choice.
The SHULA CUT® exclusively consists of custom center cuts of Black Angus beef, aged to perfection and individually hand selected, that has to meet ten science based qualifying specifications in marbling, maturity, consistency, flavor, leanness, appearance and tenderness.  Nine of these standards exceed those of USDA PRIME and all  ten exceed those of USDA choice. Shula's proprietary specifications guarantee that less than 1% will make The SHULA CUT®.
  • Since 1989 Shula's has partnered with breeders of purebred registered Angus cattle.
  • Shula's team members actually assist in the day to day operations of The Graham Angus Farm in Albany, Georgia.
  • Shula's partners have been in the cattle business since the 1930s.




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