Highest Steak Standards

"Coach Shula is very meticulous. He wants good athletes and good people."

- Joe Greene, Defensive Line Coach-Miami Dolphins

Makes Shula's Unique

  • Shula's unique partnership allows us to own, breed and exclusively serve the worlds finest beef, the Premium Black Angus Beef® brand.
  • Our custom center cuts of Premium Black Angus Beef® accompanied by our aging process make up the award winning SHULA CUTS, which are the best beef money can buy.
  • Less than 1% of all beef makes The SHULA CUT ®.
Premium Black Angus Beef®The SHULA CUT®USDA PrimeUSDA Choice
Youthful A Maturity
* "A" maturity product is more tender.
Yes xMark checkMark
* Modest or higher marbling
* Medium or fine marbling texture
Yes No No
Superior Muscling
* Eliminates dairy influenced animals and makes sure steaks are consistent in size.
Yes No No
* Selects for optimum leanness by eliminating Yield Grade 4&5 product
Yes No No
No Dark Coloring
* Ensures the best presentation and flavor
Yes No No
No Internal Hemorrhages
* Ensures the most appealing appearance
Yes No No
No Brahman-influenced Cattle
* Brahman cattle are proven to have more variation in tenderness
Yes No No
Ribeye Area
* 10 to 16 square inches
Yes No No
Carcass Weight
* Less than 1,000 pounds
Yes No No
External Fat Limits
* Less than 1 inch
Yes No No
Highest Product Specifications
Product Specifications The Premium Black Angus Beef® brand has the highest standards for quality and consistency, making it the best-tasting beef available. Delicate marbling naturally bastes beef for better taste, and the Premium Black Angus Beef® brand is all about great-tasting beef. USDA Graders evaluate and certify beef achieving the brand's high standards.




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